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Curt Cogan

Curt Cogan - General Manager Automotive/Real Estate 

Curt is an Advisor at Corsa7 Motorsports and also serves as COO of Cogan Realty, Inc., a position he has held for over 15 years. Curt has been exposed to virtually all aspects of the real estate and automotive industries over the past three decades. In his teens, while attending school, he started working within the family’s real estate portfolio while spending his spare time assisting with the classic car collection, detailing cars for Concourse events and prepping cars for race and track days. He soon began competing himself and in the late 90’s, he co-founded what grew to become of one of the most prominent builders of custom motorcycles in the US.  Curt handled sales and marketing and helped grow the company to celebrity status with over 100 custom units sold per year and a long list of industry awards. Upon exiting that business in 2006, Curt returned to the family business where he handles investments in real assets including classic cars and real estate. Curt’s methodical research and analysis helps minimize downside risk and ensures stable returns on investments. His honesty and understated personality are hallmarks of the Corsa7 Motorsports approach to customer satisfaction.

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