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Guiding Principles


1. Respect each member of the Seven Funds team

  • Treat each other as bright, capable valued teammates
  • Always communicate with directness and integrity
  • Celebrate and embrace our successes
  • Continually challenge each other through healthy debate

2. Execute with excellence

  • Use resources effectively and with efficiency
  • Continually improve processes
  • Remove obstacles to excellence as they arise
  • Acknowledge mistakes early - address and learn form them

3. Be driven by our clients

  • Know our clients
  • Understand our clients and analyze decisions from their perspective
  • Work as a cohesive tam to meet client needs and expectation
  • Be great stewards of the assets entrusted to us

4. Know our business

  • Understand what makes us respected leaders in our field
  • Know what is happening in our industry
  • Know what our competitors are doing
  • Develop focused strategies to achieve our goals
  • Be an expert in all we do

5. Increase firm reputation

  • Work with pride and deliver exceptional results
  • Stay true to our strategies and guiding principles
  • Be performance driven - always raising the expectations on ourselves
  • Make a positive contribution in the communities we live and serve
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