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Deal Sourcing


While not ignoring traditional sources of potential investment opportunities , we have put together a model for sourcing deals based on the following principles:


Proprietary Deal Flow from Larger Funds

Seven Funds sources deals from larger, established venture capital funds with which it has or develops relationships.  Many of the deals introduced to us are of great interest to the larger venture capital funds, but under their investment minimums.  As Seven Holdings invests its money and time with these companies, we expect that the referring venture capital fund will participate in the next round of funding.


Proprietary Deal Flow in Geographic Regions

Our team works closely with major universities, technology transfer offices, and incubators in the Southeast.  These relationships have been built over the course of two decades and include regularly working on due diligence screening projects, working with entrepreneurs at the incubators, and speaking at the universities and technology parks. 


Strategic Relationships

In addition to sourcing deals proactively from world-class venture capital funds, Seven Funds has established relationships with prestigious networking partners in a variety of industry sectors and locations across the US with an particular focus on the state of Florida and the southeast.


Advisory Services  

While growing companies is our primary mission, Seven Holding's advisory services may include: conducting deal and contract negotiations, preparing and reviewing deal documents, and serving as corporate advisors to senior management and boards of directors.


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