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Company Overview

Seven Funds was formed in 2013 by Christopher Cogan, formerly of Morgan Stanley and Area 32 Ventures. The group has a synergistic combination of venture capital and entrepreneurial experience along with a shared propensity for collaboration and teamwork with portfolio companies, resulting in greater oversight.

We know it takes more than financial support to create a successful business or project. We listen. We analyze. We advise. We approach each venture as if it was our own – with honesty, high energy, and commitment. We form the team, attract the partners, and then work collaboratively to build a high growth, profitable company. Seven Funds seeks innovative entrepreneurs, great ideas, and growing markets.

Our group is comprised of professionals who are industry veterans with extensive experience as entrepreneurs, operational managers, securities attorneys and venture capital fund managers. At Seven Funds, our top priority is providing the highest quality array of investment and advisory services available to those we serve.

Seven Funds is a full service fund management and advisory services firm headquartered in Sarasota, Florida with offices in Louisville, Kentucky and Orlando, Florida.

Seven Funds, LLC
2277 2nd Street
Sarasota, FL 34237
(941) 952-8050